The Authors

Mary Leslie MSW

Mary Leslie clinical social work

Mary Leslie recently retired from her clinical social work practice in private practice. She also worked in several health care settings and as sessional faculty at UBC School of Social Worker.  She is a member of the Satir Institute of the Pacific. 

She has published articles and given workshops and presentations at conferences.  She lives in Sidney on Vancouver Island, Canada.

Leona Flamand Gallant Aboriginal Elder

Leona Flamand Gallant Tillicum Leland

Leona met Virginia Satir in 1982 at a workshop on Gabriola Island and continued to study with her until Satir’s death in 1988. She continued to train with Maria Gomori and other Avanta members and has been certified to do family reconstructions by Satir and Gomori.  

She continues to offer family reconstructions to those who approach her in her community. She is an aboriginal elder and has been active with Tillicum Lelum Friendship Centre in Nanaimo for many years and is on the board. She lives in Nanaimo, BC.

Nitza Broide-Miller PhD, BC-DMT

Nitza Broide Miller Dance Therapy

Dr. Nitza Broide-Miller has over 45 years’ experience integrating her dance therapy practice with the teachings of Virginia Satir. Nitza was the cofounder of the American Dance Therapy Association 51 years ago. She met Satir in 1976, and studied and worked closely with her until Satir’s death in 1988. 

She taught Satir’s model while integrating her dance and movement therapy internationally in Asia and Israel for many years. She lives and has a private practice in Palo Alto, California.

Julie Gerhardt PT

Julie Gerhardt Physical Therapist

Julie Gerhardt is a Physical Therapist who has integrated body/mind/spirit approaches into her private practice specializing in women’s health and supporting infants and young children. The Satir model has been part of that body/mind integration since 2000/2001.

Julie participated in the Satir Training for Trainers in 2019 and is a clinical member of the Satir Institute of the Pacific. She facilitates workshops and retreats that include Satir’s teachings. 

Jennifer Nagel MA, RCC

Jennifer Nagel Clinical Counsellor

Jennifer Nagel, MA, registered clinical counsellor has extensive training in Satir Transformational Systemic Therapy, and has been leading trainings internationally. 

She is the Director of Trainer Development for the Satir Institute of the Pacific and a senior trainer for the Banmen Satir China Management Centre. 

She also has a private practice and supervises other therapists. She has authored several books and lives in Surrey, BC Canada.

Carolyn Nesbitt PhD

Carolyn Nesbitt Satir Teacher

Carolyn Nesbitt has been exploring states of consciousness for over 45 years. She found Satir’s model as she was completing her PhD in Psychology and felt an important synchronicity with her work with trauma in hospitals and private practice. 

Carolyn is currently Co-Director of the Satir Center For Becoming More Fully Human at Akamai University (AU) and Associate Professor with the AU College of Integrative Health alongside her practice with individuals and group retreats.

Anastacia Lundholm

Anastacia Lundholm body-centered personal growth

Anastacia has been teaching body-centered personal growth internationally since 1998, and added Satir's model to her theoretical framework in 2005. 

She is a trainer for the Satir Institue of the Pacific, and teaches internationally. 

She lives in Bellingham, Washington, USA.