Virginia Satir’s Evolving Legacy: Transformative Therapy with a Bodymind Connection

Our Book Is Now In Print!

Virginia Satir (1916-1988), the world renowned family therapist was a forerunner in actively including the human body in her therapeutic approach at a time when involving the body in any type of therapy was very limited, maybe even discouraged. Now the body is often central in the practice of therapeutic change.

Our book Virginia Satir’s Evolving Legacy: Transformative Therapy with a Bodymind Connection is a collaborative work by a diverse group of therapeutic practitioners. Each has individually incorporated Satir’s Model and application of Bodymind approaches into their respective private practice over many years.
In his Foreword to the book John Banmen writes:

Their discussions and sharing has resulted in this timely practical book …… One might say, from practice to theory, each chapter is an outstanding presentation of how to achieve an integrative approach applying Bodymind interventions with individuals, couples and families.

John Banmen: Foreword
Anastacia Lundholm: I Am Your Body - A Poem
Mary Leslie: Introduction to this Collaborative Work
Mary Leslie: Virginia Satir’s Enduring and Evolving Legacy
Leona Flamand Gallant: Healing at All Levels
Nitza Broide-Miller: My Body, My Self
Julie Gerhardt: Recognition of Who We Are through a Body and Energy Lens
Jennifer Nagel: Sculpting: Activating the Body So the Body Can Speak
Carolyn Nesbitt: Guided Meditation in Therapy
Anastacia Lundholm: Body Wisdom and Satir's Model

Virginia Satir’s Evolving Legacy: Transformative Therapy with a Bodymind Connection is available in soft copy for $35.00 US and $39.00 CDN. You can order it through Amazon:

or your local bookstore can special order a copy for you through Ingram Book distributors.

We wish to acknowledge all of the help and support provided by our publisher, Agio Publishing House, in making our book a reality.

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Webinar Video

The Satir Writers Group of authors presented their book: 
“Virginia Satir’s Evolving Legacy: 
Transformative Therapy with a Bodymind Connection”
at a Satir Institute of the Pacific webinar on May 3rd, 2024.  

Please feel free to access the video from the webinar to view those who presented and get a more intimate view of
the authors and the book’s contents.

John Banmen PhD

John Banmen - Satir Global

We are grateful for John’s involvement from our earliest decision to write together. He has taught, mentored and supervised most of us, and been a strong supporter of our writing. 

As one of our “elders” and coauthor of The Satir Model with Virginia Satir, Jane Gerber and Maria Gomori, his involvement and guidance was both needed and deeply appreciated.

Mary Leslie, editor